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Our Mission

1. To hold educational seminars in the Albanian populated territories of the Balkan Peninsula (Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro) thereby to offer on a charitable basis advanced training and medical education to the Albanian health care professionals, through scheduled lectures, discussions, publications and other means.

2. To create and maintain a fostering educational environment between the public academic institutions in the Albanian populated territories and those here in the US wherein its members may meet to exchange medical knowledge and participate in continuing medical education. 

3. To create and maintain an educational exchange program for Albanian healthcare professionals to come to the United States so they may learn from the US healthcare system and in turn improve the healthcare system in their home countries. To assist students and other healthcare professionals who desire to train in the US by mentoring them and providing educational opportunities through observerships in the US healthcare system. 

4. To provide charitable healthcare services to the underserved communities in both the United States and in the Albanian territories of the Balkan Peninsula through general medical checkups, consultations and education of patients on disease prevention through medical missionary work. 

5. To plan a variety of public events through which these stated goals can be materialized.

"The first in frontier of the Albanian medical cause since 2008."

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