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Shpetim H. Telegrafi, MD

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Shpetim Telegrafi, MD graduated from Tirana University School of Medicine in Albania in 1971.

His postgraduate training in radiology was completed in 1975 at the University Hospital of Tirana University School of Medicine followed by two prestigious fellowship trainings at Beaujon University Hospital, Department of Radiology, Paris, France 1988 and NYU Grossman School of Medicine, Department of Radiology in 1991. During his career of over two decades in the field of radiology, Dr. Telegrafi offered the best radiologic diagnostic protocols at the major hospital in the nation and trained many generations of future radiologists in the country. At the begging of 1993 Dr Telegrafi started a three years research and teaching program at Body Imaging of the NYU Radiology Department, and by the end of the program in 1996 with the request of the NYU School of Medicine he won the status of “Outstanding Researcher in the USA” by Immigration and Naturalization Service, and was offered a faculty position becoming a member of the Radiology Department at NYU School of Medicine. During his early years at NYU Tisch Hospital, Dr. Telegrafi, was appointed Research Assistant Professor of Radiology and was an integral member of the ultrasound team. Later on, Dr. Telegrafi developed an interest in GU ultrasonography and in 2000 the Department of Urology offered him a full-time position to lead Division of Diagnostic Genitourinary (GU) Ultrasound.

In the same year Dr. Telegrafi became a Faculty member of the Department of Urology at NYU Grossman School of Medicine as Assistant Professor (Research) of Urology. In 2010 Dr. Telegrafi was promoted to Associate Professor of Diagnostic Medical Sonography, and in 2011 Associate Professor of Urology. In 2017 Dr. Telegrafi was promoted to Professor of Diagnostic Medical Sonography and in 2018 to a full rank of Research Professor of Urology.


Dr. Telegrafi’s clinical practice and research has focused on diagnostic ultrasound, especially Doppler evaluation of the abdominal and superficial organs, and pediatric ultrasound. He is a lecturer on the NYU Department of Urology residency didactic program. He has also lectured routinely at the annual NYU Urology Postgraduate Course, which is the largest course offered by an academic center in the USA. His theoretical and practical presentations on GU imaging have always applied state-of-the-art images and media and are always well received. Dr. Telegrafi’s outstanding ultrasound and Doppler abilities have made him a recognized world expert and educator on the ultrasound diagnosis of pediatric urologic disease, male infertility, and sexual impotence, as well as all other adult and pediatric urologic ultrasound procedures. He has authored many articles, one textbook on diagnostic abdominal ultrasound (Doppler evaluation), and has presented over 200 clinical and scientific papers at national and international meetings. He has served as visiting professor and guest lecturer in many countries. Dr. Telegrafi is the author of two chapters in the nationally recognized Hagen-Ansert Textbook of Diagnostic Sonography (2012 and 2017 editions), and of one chapter in the 2016 edition of the Campbell-Walsh Urology textbook, the main teaching reference for urologists in the USA. '


While at the NYU Urology Department, Dr. Telegrafi has created a unique urologic ultrasound diagnostic center without replica in any other urology department in this country. He also consults other urology departments at the VA Hospital, Bellevue Hospital, Lutheran Hospital, and NYU-Men’s Health Center. Dr Telegrafi authored several revolutionary ultrasound diagnostic procedures including Transperineal Sonocystography, and male and female Sono-Urethrograms, replacing traditional invasive retrograde fluorocystography which use X-rays and contrast media, with non-invasive ultrasound procedures using only water and/or lidocaine jelly. These sonographic modalities help expedite the early catheter removal of the post-radical prostatectomy patients and in the evaluation of male and female urethra for possible strictures and other diseases. Recently Dr. Telegrafi and his team studied the efficiency of the use of high frequency transducers and color and power – Doppler in evaluation and differentiation of testicular tumors, Peyronie’s disease, and pediatric VUR.


Dr Telegrafi is committed to serving the radiology community of his native country Albania and Albanian populated countries in the Balkan region where is he frequently invited to deliver updates at annual national and international scientific events. Starting from 2002 Dr Telegrafi has organized and participated in more than 48 Intensive Courses of Diagnostic Ultrasound at Medical Schools in Tirana-Albania, Prishtina-Kosova, Tetova-North Macedonia, and most of the major hospitals in Albania. Presently at NYU Urology Department, under Dr. Telegrafi’s guidance and supervision, a young talented Albanian radiologist from Kosova is currently attending a three year research program as international exchange post-doc.


Dr.Telegrafi is a member of the American Urological Association, American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine, Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonography, and Kosova Ultrasound Association. He is also a member of the European Society of Radiology, European Urology Association, Albanian Imaging Association, and Albanian Urology Association.


Albanian American Medical Society is thrilled to have Dr. Shpetim Telegrafi as one of its Honored Members for his life time contribution to the field of medicine and humanity. He is elected to be the Chairman of the 2nd Scientific Session tentatively scheduled in spring 2022 in Boston, MA. In his free time, he enjoys being with his wife Miranda and their children and grandchildren. Dr. Telegrafi also enjoys the beautiful city of Vlora for which he has a special place in his heart, and sailing the beautiful and clear waters of the Adriatic and Ionian Seas.

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