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Resul Dalipi, MD

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Resul Dalipi, MD graduated from Ross University School of Medicine, Dominica Republic in 2004 after obtaining a bachelor degree in Arts and Biology at the Western Connecticut State University in Danbury, CT. Dr. Resuli joined LongIsland Jewish Medical Center Research Center  for one year prior to start of residency training where he contributed in projects related to infectious diseases and ethical aspects of it. 


Resul Dalipi, MD  graduated as Internist  in 2008 from Stamford Hospital, Columbia University-College of Physicians & Surgeons, Stamford, CT. During his residency training he served as Associate Member of American College of Physicians and committee member of Ethics and Infectious Diseases chapter. His ongoing research work is focused on quality of care and sociology-economical factors to low income patient population. 

Resul Dalipi, MD remained in his home institution as full time staff member of hospitalist department and  from time to time offered his services for other community hospitals in the CT area. He maintains board certifications and state licensing credentials with the highest caliber of American Medicine. 


Resul Dalipi, MD emigrated in USA late 1980s from Ohri, North-Macedonia in a young age. His family settled in CT where a large Albanian immigrant community from North-Macedonia had settled. He dreamt to be a community physician and grow roots in this state where the Albanian community continued to expand. He married Anila, an Albanian refugee of Serbian-Kosovar war of 1999 and have two boys. In their spare time, he spends time with his family and likes to travel. 


Resul Dalipi, MD has been active member of AAMS for almost a decade. His support to its mission has been crucial and his life long commitment has been of a role model example.  

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