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What is required to be eligible to join the society? There are 6 different classes of members as defined in our bylaws: Active Members, Senior Members, Honorary Members, Candidate Members, Associate Members and Benefactor Members. There are specific requirements for each class, but in general, the only requirement for membership is that you support the mission of AAMS and the Albanian-American community as a whole. 

What are the benefits of joining? 
Please see our benefits page.

It says the membership period is from July 1st through July 30th. If I join after July 1st, will my membership last a full year or will I have to renew my membership on June 30th? An applicant who applies for membership after July 1st through April 1st must renew their membership on the following June 30th. If an applicant applies after April 1st, they will not have to renew membership until the June 30th on the following year (meaning their initial membership will be between 12 and 15 months).

If I am experiencing financial difficulties and am unable to pay the membership dues may I still join? We would be happy to work with anyone truly interested in joining or renewing their membership that is unable to pay their entire membership dues all at once. Please contact us to arrange a payment plan or exemption.

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