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Enon Maci, MD


Dr. Enon Maci attended Tirana University Medical School in Tirana, Albania and completed general cardiology residency training at Tirana University Medical Center in Tirana. He had an extensive and successful practice as cardiologist at the Department of Cardiology and Emergency Medicine at the same institution. Dr. Maci immigrated in USA in year 2000 and obtained shortly the ECFMG certification

followed by residency training in Internal Medicine at Lincoln Medical and Mental Health Center, Bronx, NY. Since his graduation, Dr. Maci has been practicing as Hospitalist, mostly at Trident Medical Center in Charleston, SC. He joined AAMS as active member since year 2008 when the society was just founded and remains strong supporter and activist of its cause. Dr. Maci is married to Dr. Genta Dani, a practicing body imaging radiologist in USA, and is a father of two boys. Dr. Maci holds tight bonds with homeland and is

dedicated to offer as much as possible for healthcare improvement and advancement of medicine in Albanian populated territories of Balkan Peninsula.

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