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Agron Ismaili, MD

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Agron Ismaili MD, MBA, FACP, CMD obtained his medical degree from Prishtine, University of Kosova and Sarajevo University School of Medicine in Bosnia and Herzegovina, former Yugoslavia. He trained in Internal Medicine at Northeastern Pennsylvania Medical Residency Program in Wilkes-Barre, PA. He is Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Palliative Care/Hospice. He is Certified Medical Director in Post Acute Long-Term Care and Addiction Medicine Board Eligible. He holds a degree in Master of Business Administration from University of Auburn in Alabama. Dr. Ismaili has passed the  Addiction Medicine Boards and is now Triple Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Palliative Care-Hospice, and  Addiction Medicine

Dr. Ismaili holds all respective board certifications, multiple state licenses and professional credentials according to the highest standards of practicing medicine in US.  

Agron Ismaili, MD has worked for 15 years at Aurora Medical Group as Internal Medicine in Inpatient/Outpatient settings providing his services at Palliative Care, Addiction Medicine, Post-Acute and Hospice. Currently he is Independent Physician Contractor.


Agron Ismaili, MD is born in Prespa, North-Macedonia from Albanian parents.  During his early childhood family moved to Kosovo where he completed his entire education, then in 1993 immigrated to US. He enjoys spending the off-work hours with his family, reading, and traveling. He has been a long and in good standing member of the Albanian American Medical Society and has enthusiastically accepted to be its Vice President for current term. His focus in mainstreaming the intellectual medical professionals under one organized body such as AAMS will be on maintaining the respectful image of it and attraction of the best and brightest of Albanian-American through the mechanism of delivering services according to the highest standards.

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